a to z.

a little while ago i came across this little blog post prompt here. and now here i am writing my own version:
A. Age: 34
B. Bed size: full- but really need to upgrade to Queen.
C. Chore that you hate: doing dinner dishes
D. Dogs:  of course! yellow lab emma & french bulldog ally
E. Essential start to your day: taking my prevacid.
F. Favorite color: turquoise
G. Gold or Silver: silver
I. Instruments you play: none
J. Job title: office administrator
K. Kids: just one and done!
L. Live: chalfont, pa
M. Mother’s name: marion
N. Nicknames: stess
O. Overnight hospital stays: just when i had my son.
P. Pet peeves: heavy breathers, close-talkers & runners that stomp or shuffle their feet. (just to name a few!)
Q. Quote from a movie: Don't nobody go in the bafroom fo about 35 to 45 minutes. AND How you gon git fired on yo day off?
both from Friday (the original)
R. Right or left handed: righty
S. Siblings: two- one of each.
U. Underwear: yes please.
V. Vegetable you hate: turnips
W. What makes you run late: checking email & loving on my dogs!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: just my teeth i think.
Y. Yummy food that you make: macaroni & cheese and all kinds of pasta.
Z. Zoo animal:
love the polar bears

ok so for some reason there are two letters missing from the list- not exactly sure why but it is what it is i suppose.
well that was fun.


hello sunday.

around here- i'm making lists.... lots of lists. i'm feeling the urgent need to get organized and cleaned up around the house. the seasons are changing and that feels fabulous- i am beyond ready for some sweater weather. yesterday's lap around the lake at peace valley was great- almost wanted to take another lap... key word is almost!
the past two weeks have been rather jam packed with highs & lows but its funny how it all seems to work out. i completed another quarter at school and came away with some work that i was pretty happy about- even got my dad to get in on the photo action this time around.

(that's my pops)

also did some work with a cupcake- which was pretty fun. its always fun to work with something so sweet, yummy & easy on the eyes :)
(these two images taken with iphone & instagram app)

i have officially decided to give project life a whirl... starting today. i've been admiring many of these projects online, i have ordered these page protectors and I am giving myself a "trial" period of october through december to decide if i can commit for a full year. At this point I am just going to use my stash and my iphone pics as this seems to be the most realistic way that I will be able to stick with the project. i am excited to get it going.

so i think that's it for now- i've got lots i want to cross off my to-do list so i must get on it- ya know before all of the football games begin.


weekend wrap-up

friday was a city day- week 10 of summer quarter. thankfully most of my assignments are in order- i do however have some new assignments to shoot this week! (hoping mother nature is kind because i do have a few items to shoot outside.)

friday afternoon I took ally over to life on the leash in doylestown. ally had a great time- made a bunch of new buddies & we also brought home a few new toys to play with.

saturday morning ally & i checked out the doylestown arts festival. downtown doylestown was jumpin with all kinds of artsy goodness! i saw a lot of beautiful stuff- also stopped by the doylestown dog park booth- the reality of this great dog park is getting closer & closer! definitely looking forward to that!

saturday evening I dropped the "girls" off to my parents and headed up to Lisa & John's house- we had a 4:00 am start today- volunteering for the team mcgraw mile 5 water station at the philly half marathon. I have to admit it was bitter sweet really nice to not be a runner this time around. I know, that probably sounds terrible but I really enjoyed seeing all of the other runners out there meeting and beating personal goals and in fact volunteering with both team mcgraw & the awesome people of back on my feet really had many rewards of its own. we heard many many "thank yous" from runners passing by grabbing a drink on their journey to the finish line- honestly it was just as rewarding as actually crossing the finish line. good stuff.

earlier this week i snagged a few pictures of "miss ally bean" with my phone- taking funny pictures of this dog really never gets old to me.

*note* this fun little photoshop template is from pugly pixel

this week- i am knee deep in photo editing & printing but once all of that is finished up i am looking forward to playing with some scrapbook stuff (especially my recent studio calico kits) during fall break next week.


ten on tuesday

1. currently i'm participating in four different online classes/challenges. kal's script school graphics for bloggers learn something new and 30 days of lists. so far i am enjoying each one and looking forward to some finished mini albums and some new skills!

2. loving that the nfl season has started- my sunday afternoons will once again be consumed by football until early february and i love it!

3. i'm kinda obsessed with instagr.am these days. i really want to put together one of these blurb books.

4. putting together an etsy store is still very much a work in progress- but my mind is swirling with ideas, i just need more time to put together some kits/items and i will be on my way.

5. hdr photography is definitely clogging up my mind (in a good way.) i want to explore and practice the techniques with the photomatix software- i'm hoping to spend some time with this during fall break from class.

6. still working on kicking my starbucks iced white mocha habit. so far i have really enjoyed the items that i ordered from adagio tea but I still don't make the time to prepare the tea quite as often as i would like- but i am working on that.

7. this little circus monkey gave me quite the scare over the past weekend. i'm pretty sure she shaved at least 10 15 years off of my life. she followed me out of the yard on saturday and i had no idea- so needless to say i was a panicked mess when i did not find her in the house- proceeded to run a lap around the neighborhood looking for her- came back up the steps (after calling my dad mid-meltdown) to find her in the neighbors side bed sniffing around like she belonged there. honestly words can't express how scared i was that i wasn't going to see her smushed little face again. thankfully the little nut didn't go far ( and  really i should have  known that considering she's not exactly a "runner" and is never far behind me.) close the gate, look in the neighbors yard and do not panic immediately- lesson learned.

8. this past weekend i ran with Amanda for her leg of the via marathon relay. amanda did an awesome job in her first race since having baby #4- so proud of her & i was happy i could run with her. the event was a lot of fun- we're already looking forward to next year!

9. giving project life some serious consideration for the upcoming year. i'm thinking maybe i should do a dry-run sometime before actually committing to the purchase so i can be sure its a project that i will stick with- since it really is a pretty big commitment... and we all know how much i love big commitments.

10. tomorrow i'm off from work so i'm heading into doylestown to work on some school assignments (finals are next week) getting my hair cut and catching up on some of my crafty-class stuff. if i can get my act together and get some pictures taken i will definitely share the stuff in my next post.


hello new blog.

I've decided to start a new blog- a fresh start to blogging- if you will. In the past my blogging has been sporadic at best, but this time will be different I will try my best to be consistent.

My goal for this new blog is to share photography work (both professional & personal)- some crafty/scrapbooking stuff, along with random personal stories and happenings.

so that is the plan.
(now back to watching the patriots/dolphins game while flipping back to the bachelor pad finale.)